Use Cases

How can you use MovieComm?

Looking to communicate like never before? Check out the videos below and see how many ways there are to use MovieComm.

Frank, Sales Executive

Frank is a General Sales Manager for a Fortune 500 Company. He is responsible for thousands of sales people around the country. He looking for a fresh, engaging and impactful way to motivate his team. (01:00)

Rob, Professional Speaker

Rob is a Professional Speaker, He is looking for a way to refocus his clients in a memorable and unique way. (01:09)

Ron, SaaS CEO

Ron is a SaaS CEO. He is looking for a video option that can integrate seamlessly with his product. (00:47))

Leticia, Founder Communications Consulting Firm

Leticia is a Founder of a consulting company that focuses on leadership communications. She is looking for a new way to deliver her key messages. (00:48)

Paula, Company CEO

Paula is the CEO of a fast growing company. She is looking for new and innovative ways to achieve unprecedented growth over the next few years. (00:59)

Laura Lee, Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Laura Lee is a Dean of Undergraduate Studies at a west coast university. She was looking for a way to communicate her key messages that was different than she did before. (01:10)

Bob, CEO

Bob is a CEO of a company that just merged with another. He is looking for ways to drive his principles and values through the entire organization. (01:41)

Beth, CEO/Founder of Compellications

Beth is the CEO and Founder of Compellications. She is looking for a resource to stay engaged with clients long term. (01:49)

Russell, SVP Employee Engagement

Russell is the SVP of Employee Engagement at a major government organization as well as an Adjunct Professor. He is looking for ways to spark conversations and drive both employee and student engagement. (02:59)

Francisca, HR Executive

Francisca is looking for ways to communicate her values to her employees. And she realizes that they learn best by watching vs. reading. (01:12)

Gabe, College Professor

Gabe is a College Professor. he is looking for ways to capture the attention of his students. (00:56)

Karen, Dean of a Business School

Karen is the Dean of a Business School in Boston. She is looking for an alternative to the YouTube clips her professors have found useful in their classes. (01:23)

Taylor, Law Firm Associate

Taylor is an associate at a law firm based in DC. He is looking for something to add creativity to his presentations. (00:47)

Rick, General Sales Manager

Rick is a General Sales Manager at a large company. He is looking for he is looking for a creative way to connect with his sales organization without having to be on the road. (00:58)

Alexia, Blog Writer

Alexia is a Blog Writer. She is looking for a new way to draw in readers and followers to her blog. (01:07)

Sophia, Director of Sales

Sophia recently became the Director of Sales. She knows videos are the best way to convey information and engage a viewer, so she’s looking for the best means of doing that. (01:37)

John, CEO/Consultant

John is the CEO of a 17-year-old consulting firm in DC. He is looking to source unique tools for his clients. (01:13)

Laura, VP of Marketing

Laura is a VP of Marketing. She is looking for a new way to recognize her employees for a job well done. (01:02)

Justin, Director of Internal Communications

Justin is a Director of Internal Communications who has been working with the same team for years. He is getting tuned out and is looking for a new way to share his key messages. (00:49)

Mark, Executive Director of a Nonprofit Organization

Mark is the Executive Director of an arts nonprofit organization. He uses MovieComm to maintain effective communications, not just with his employees, but with his donors and stakeholders as well. (00:37)

Mark, SVP of Leadership Development

Mark is a SVP of Leadership Development. He is looking for a way to improve the way he engages with younger employees. (01:00)

Scott, CEO of MovieComm

Scott is the CEO of MovieComm. His vision is to help todays leaders and educators connect, engage and inspire like never before.  (01:09)