About Us

Who you are begins with what you believe...

At the heart of MovieComm is a set of beliefs that we embrace. We believe there is greatness in everyone. We believe that leadership truly matters and it is imperative to help people tap into their potential. We believe that creativity, inspiration, and engagement are needed to help today’s leaders connect. We believe that the impact of storytelling through short video can help people do the impossible.

What We Do

At the speed of life today, effective communications has never been more important yet more difficult to accomplish. We live in the age of sound bites, GIFs and 8 second attention spans, where capturing attention and engaging people has become incredibly difficult. Exceptional leaders understand this and are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to cut through the noise. They want their messages to be heard, felt and reacted to.


MovieComm is a creative tool that uses Hollywood movie clips to help todays leaders get their messages across in a short, entertaining and memorable manner. Our platform has been built to be compliant, save you time, and to dramatically impact your results.

Who are our Clients?

Our clients appreciate the impact that a short video can have in how they communicate. They are busy, risk averse and expect the highest quality possible. They don’t have time to search through thousands of clips. They don’t want to deal with pesky ads. And they certainly don’t want to worry about copyright infringement and its legal ramifications.


Our clients genuinely care about the people they lead and place a high value on human capital and the fact that they can have an influence on helping people maximize their true potential.


Our clients strongly believe that exceptional leadership can make a major difference in the lives of others. It doesn’t matter if you’re a corporate leader, a professor, a teacher, a coach, a trainer, an e-learning developer or a parent.


Great leaders understand that how they lead, how they communicate and how they engage, matters.

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