In Need of a Custom Movie Clip Solution?

Have a cool idea in mind about how to leverage our motivational movie clips? Our clip specialists are available to brainstorm, collaborate and execute to help bring your key messages and concepts to life.

The Possibilities are Endless

MovieComm was built to provide the flexibility and versatility needed to create materials specific to your needs. You can opt to do it yourself, join forces to do it together, or we can take the reins and do it for you. 

Whether you’re a corporation of any size, a university or K-12 school, a government entity or anybody who is just looking to influence behavior, we can develop a custom solution using some of the best movie scenes, from some of the most inspirational movies, just for you.

From promoting class reunions, to driving participation in employee engagement surveys, to making training modules fun and exciting, let's collaborate to piece together clips that tell an engaging fun story.

Customized Mashups

For those organizations who are looking to add value to their existing client bases.

Strategic Partnerships

We know you're super busy. Let our clip experts help you find the perfect clip.

Clip Selection

Strengthen the efficacy of your e-learing modules and add a little zest with fresh, educational, and fun movie clips.


Influence behavior, make lessons memorable, and inspire individuals to take action.

Soft Skills and Character Training

Develop a communications strategy that helps create employee buy-in & reinforces your company's principles & values.

Drive Your Culture

From employee on-boarding and workplace safety to compliance training, there are endless opportunities to make a lasting impact.

Human Resources

Develop the next generation of freethinkers and change makers through powerful leadership, coaching and mentorship.

Leadership Development

Want to tee up your message with a professionally produced personalized video? Let us help you look like a movie star.

Personalized Video Training

Featured Custom Solution

Babson College was celebrating their centennial anniversary and asked MovieComm to create a movie clip mashup to engage their alumni to attend the event.

The Reviews are in

Wow! Seriously Wow!

Aine McAlister

Associate Director, Class Engagement, Babson College