Motivational Movie Clips for Business Leaders

Inspire, engage and connect with your employees. Boost your internal email campaigns. Bring your presentations to life. Tee up your Zoom meetings. And maximize your productivity, retention and profitability…all with legally approved Hollywood movie clips.  

Don’t Just Say It, Say It With Movie Clips

With over a billion hours of YouTube content watched each day, today’s business leaders have taken notice. They understand that in order to drive consistent results, they have to change how they communicate, engage and motivate as they realize that the new generation of talented employees love short video and crave to be entertained while they learn.

MovieComm has thousands of legally approved, ad free, easy to find movie clips that include some of the best movie scenes, from some of the most inspirational movies, ever made. Our innovative tool helps today’s leaders connect in a way that employees want to be connected with…via short, entertaining and memorable video.

Here's a Fan Fav

Trying to get your employees to never give up?

Ways to use MovieComm

  • Send out a Monday Morning Motivation email to your employees
  • Tee up your meeting be it face to face or on Zoom
  • Load into Powerpoint to have a more engaging presentation or webinar
  • Reinforce your key messages on any internal communications platform
  • Create or enhance your blog post

Results you can expect

  • More motivated and inspired employees
  • Higher employee engagement
  • Best in class organizational alignment, culture and environment
  • Stickier and more memorable messages
  • Captivated audiences
  • Better prepared teams
  • Increased impact with your presentations

How it Works

As a leader, we know you’re super busy, so we’ve developed a very simple three step process to help you find the perfect clip:

What do you want to say?

Start by deciding on your key message. Whether you want your audience to embrace change, make better principle based decisions or get the importance of collaboration, we help you in capturing people’s attention, coaching them up and boosting motivation. Whatever message you’re looking to drive, we’ve got the perfect clip for you. 

Got it. What's next?

Find the perfect movie clip with our easy to use, AI-driven search engine. Browse by movie, actor, theme, keyword, key phrase and so much more. Trim the clip to your desired length. Tee up a personalized message in text or video (which actually plays before the clip!!) And get the conversation flowing with our optional internal chat feature.

Use a little Hollywood Magic

Once you’ve picked that perfect movie moment, simply choose a URL or embed code. Then copy and paste it into an email, text, blog, power point, social post, Slack conversation, Zoom meeting or any way in which you communicate.. And you should be good to go.

The Reviews are in

What you have built is really cool and has compelling value in my opinion. Absolute home run and a big difference maker.

John Bow

Vice President, Enterprise Sales and Channels, Zoom

I absolutely love the concept of what you’re doing. Extremely ingenious and as a lifelong movie buff, I have a great appreciation for the vehicle you are using to engage…especially for the younger generation.

Andre Muller

Vice President, Active International

MovieComm is a game changer. Its library of clips makes it incredibly easy for me and my leadership team to find movies to align to the messages we are trying to communicate.  Plus, we can tailor our clips to different audiences:  people of color, Gen X’ers, millennials, and baby boomers.

Russell Robinson

Senior Advisor for Training and Engagement, US Department of Health and Human Services

Who Uses MovieComm?

In Need of a Customized Solution?

Got a great idea that you’re thinking about? Let our movie clip experts help bring your concept to life. From developing custom movie mashups, to branded training videos, to helping you find that perfect movie moment. Just let us know how we can help.