Tip Videos

Video Tutorials

Watch the videos below to learn more about how-to use MovieComm

Overview Trailer

Want to get an idea of how others are using MovieComm’s clip library? Check out our short sizzle reel. (01:22)

Search Tips

Want a deep dive? Watch our full detailed overview about how to search our extensive library. Learn how to search by actor, movie, objects, themes, keywords and key phrases. (02:47)

Search Basics

Swamped for time? See our quick review of how to search. (01:16)

Search Primary Curation Page

Get a short review about how to use MovieComm’s Primary Curation Page where we share our favorite moments which saves you time. (01:28)

Search Secondary Curation Page

I can search by what??? See how easy it is to dig deep through MovieComm’s AI enhanced Secondary Curation Page. (03:39)

Searching for Full Phrase

Know what you want to say in a full sentence?  Not a problem. Take a peek at how it’s done. (01:35)

Search Filters

Faster is better in our opinion. See how our easy to use filters gets you what you’re looking for in a snap. (02:47)


So many options! Find shortcuts to what you’re trying to find with our full menu. (02:49)


Love a clip but you’re not ready to use it yet? Save your favorite clips to your own personalized playlist. (01:18)

Micro Clips

Shorter is sometimes better. See how you can find the perfect movie line that lasts on average about 4.5 seconds. (02:24)

Trim a Clip

Have it your way. Choose your own in and out points and trim your clip to the perfect length. (00:55)

Customize Your Message

Get everybody on the same page. Tee up your clip to get everyone to focus on what you want them to focus on. (01:05)

Personalized Video that Plays before the Clip

Become a movie star yourself. Learn how to add a personalized video of yourself that will play right before the clip. (02:46)

How to Use a Movie Clip in a Powerpoint Presentation

With over 30 million boring presentations made a day, this was a “must have” for most of our clients. See how to make it happen. (01:34)

How to Publish

Ready to rock and roll? Sending is as simple as copy and paste. Check out the myriad of options here. (01:39)

Best Practice to Drive Eyeballs

Gotta love technology. Here’s some helpful tips if you’re having loading issues. (01:35)

What do I do if load times are too long?

Learn how to improve your experience if your load times are too long. (00:58)

Top Three Things You Can’t Do With Our Clips

This is the fine print section…only a couple of no-no’s. (01:14)