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How to Remotely Motivate & Engage Your Employees or Students

By Kelly Kantrowitz | Posted 4/3/2020

We’ve all experienced that leader – the one who has mastered the art of monotone speaking and has successfully helped everyone drift off to sleep. Whether you’re a C-level executive, professor, or coach, being dubbed “boring” can certainly bruise your ego. But for anyone trying to influence behavior and motivate individuals, a stale, lackluster message will fail to fuel engagement or inspire your audience.

Between the convenience of modern technology and our ‘on-demand’ culture, employers and educators alike have the opportunity to deliver information in a memorable and meaningful way. Think about it: our society is practically hardwired to use video content when they’re in need of answers. With a simple YouTube search, you can learn how to make pancakes, how to create a pivot table in Excel, or how to braid your daughter’s hair (for all the dads who aren’t hairbrush-savvy).

Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused offices to shift to remote work and schools to rely on online learning, the way you communicate can mean the difference between your sales team gunning to hit their quota and discovering your team has elected to binge-watch Netflix all week. Adapting your curriculum and delivering information remotely - whether that’s Biology or new training materials – can be a game-changer when it comes to boosting engagement.

Plus, during a time of uncertainty and fear, spreading compassion, providing comfort, and demonstrating your desire to help others succeed is what people truly need. And rather than telling another “What pencil did Shakespeare write with?” joke, you can use video content to make a real impact.

In case you’re wondering, the answer is “2B.”

That’s the inspiration behind MovieComm. We provide an ad-free, legally-approved library of movie clips to engage your audience in a short and entertaining way. So, how does it work?

#1. What’s your key message?

Think about your learning objective. Is there a specific action or behavior you’re looking to drive? Do you want to start a healthy debate? Do you want to encourage teamwork among your employees? If you’re staring at your screen like a deer in headlights, we have a consulting team to help you develop the right message.

#2. Pick your clip

There are two different ways to find the perfect clip. You can select one from our curated list of popular content. Or, you can search using artificial intelligence. Our A.I. system allows you to search by movie name, objects, a specific actor, keywords, and even phrases, like “You can do it.”

#3. Trim your clip

You can choose the length of your clip manually by moving the handlebars, or you can leverage our Micro Clips, which are essentially 4.5-second talking GIFs (minus the endless looping).

#4. Tee up your clip

Use text or a personalized video you filmed of yourself on your smartphone to introduce the clip. By doing so, your audience will be able to focus on your core message.

#5. Start a chat

Pose an open or closed-ended question to your audience to see how they respond & encourage dialogue.

Want to watch a live demo? Check out the video below to watch the process play out.

Need an idea to get started? Kick-off your Monday morning by sharing a motivational clip with your students or employees!

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