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Improve your leadership impact by connecting with people the way they want to connect –
via short, compelling and entertaining videos.

MovieComm leaders:

  • Capture People’s Attention
  • Motivate and Inspire
  • Align Principles and Values
  • Drive Consistent Results
  • Connect Like Never Before
  • Shape Attitudes and Behaviors
  • Build Trust Through Transparency
  • Create an Engaged Culture
  • Maximize People’s Real Potential
  • Show You Genuinely Care

1 - 2 - 3

Looking for a simple, easy and fun way to make your messages more memorable?

Courage, Perseverance, Effort, Teamwork….No matter what message you’re trying to get across, MovieComm has a proven movie clip that is ready to make an impact. Our simple 1-2-3 product places into your hands the greatest actors, screenwriters, cinematographers, and story tellers that the world has ever known. Our extensive library helps you deliver communications that will motivate, inspire, and move your team to action. You’re the director – just keep it simple…

  • Pick Your Theme
  • Pick Your Clip
  • Customize and Send

It’s that easy!

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Check out some of our 1-2-3 clip examples below

  • Simple, Quick Clip With No Personalized Video

  • Customized Clip Using A Computer Camera

  • Customized Clip Using A Cell Phone Camera

Red Carpet

Want to get the movie star treatment?

If you like our 1-2-3 product, you’ll love our Red Carpet treatment which brings 1-2-3 to the next level. Red Carpet is for the exceptional executives who understands the value that a cutting edge communications strategy plays in driving results. For them, nothing short of world class will do. To achieve the quality your communications requires, MovieComm has a white glove solution just for you.

Our Red Carpet team consists of award winning top talent from the movie production industry, former Fortune 50 executives and senior leader consultants. Together, we stand ready to help you craft your overall communications strategy, develop your unique voice, produce impactful content, pick just the right clip and deliver with Hollywood quality, the messages that will move your organization to greatness.

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Looking for ways to differentiate your content in the global e-learning market?

Let’s face it, competition has never been greater to attract and retain clients to your E-learning solutions. Differentiating and refreshing your content isn’t a nice to have, it’s a must have. Survival and success will go to the companies who create raving fans, which means your content has to be first class, engaging, memorable and certainly not boring. This is especially true for an ever changing global workforce who craves and frankly, demands to be entertained while learning.

That’s where we can help. By partnering with MovieComm, you can leverage our ever growing library of theme based movie clip content which will spice up your training in a quick and cost effective manner. The experience will be truly unforgettable.

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Strategic Partnerships

Looking for ways to get people’s attention?

Many of our clients have a creative and vivid imagination. They sometimes come up with unique ideas about how to use movie clips that are above and beyond our basic services. That’s why we created MovieComm Strategic Partnerships, because whatever you’re imagining, we can help you pull it off.

Whether it’s promoting a new product or service, driving adoption, increasing e-mail open rates, legally using movie clips in a speech or training session, or any application where the power of Hollywood will deliver the bang you’re looking for; MovieComm and our studio partners can help you bring your messages to life.

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