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MovieComm CEO and Founder, Scott DiGiammarino, was one of the first leaders to recognize the need for a better way to communicate and connect. As an award winning senior executive at a Fortune 50 company, he found over time that his scope was constantly expanding, he was on the road more than ever, and his team’s attention span was dwindling. Most importantly, he found it was getting harder to not only motivate and engage his team, but also just to get their attention, especially as his employees were getting younger and younger.

Scott realized that he needed a new and creative way to get his message across that was short, entertaining and memorable. One that people would look forward to receiving. One that could make a difference.

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As he looked for a solution, Scott realized that the leadership challenges he was facing were universal problems facing leaders across the globe. Research showed that today’s leaders were having a hard time connecting with their new millennial workforce which was affecting overall employee engagement, activity, and results. Some of the information he found showed that…

  • Only 29% of millennials were engaged at work
  • Most people’s attention spans last only 8 seconds
  • The #1 reason why people leave their job is they believe their boss doesn’t care

On top of that, the research revealed that people crave short, compelling video as a way of digesting content. This information, coupled with Scott’s love for movies, would become the genesis of Moviecomm.

Scott started by partnering with some of the major Hollywood studios. Together, they realized that there were thousands of great movies that had millions of unforgettable moments that people of all ages could recall and recite in an instant. Who can ever forget “Failure is not an option” from Apollo 13? Or “Show me the money” from Jerry McGuire? Or how about “You can’t handle the truth” from A Few Good Men? Just classic, iconic scenes.

The results were amazing!!

He then tested an idea with some brand name companies and organizations like Boeing, AFLAC and Veteran’s Affairs. The results were amazing! Internal e-mail open rates skyrocketed. Productivity and retention increased, especially from the 80% of the people who historically impacted 20% of the overall results. Employee engagement improved across the board. Perhaps most important, leader impact grew like never before! Scott knew then that he was onto something special.

To make a global difference, he made the decision to bring on a dream team of senior executives who had previously worked together to drive award winning results. Each brings a unique talent set to MovieComm’s mission, and a stellar track record of success as executives and entrepreneurs. Their common passion is their deep belief in the fact that great leadership does matter in helping people maximize their real potential.

Today, MovieComm brings its cutting edge technology and proven results with companies from start up to Fortune 50, along with our fast growing list of amazing partners, studios and content to market to start a communications revolution. Whether you are a leader of an organization, a coach, a parent, a teacher, or want to better lead yourself - we’ve developed fun, entertaining and affordable tools to help you solve your communications challenges.

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