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Motivation, E-Learning

People Snoozing on Zoom? Here’s How Movies Can Fire Them Up

From adorable dogs to tearjerkers to action-packed car chases, movies are more than just entertainment. They can elicit emotion, convey a sense of morality, motivate others, and deliver a wide spectrum of messages.

Motivation, Competition

How to Motivate & Engage The 80%ers

Let's face it: we live in a competitive world. We compete in the boardroom, the classroom, the workplace, on the field during sporting events, and even on social media

E-Learning, Motivation

How to Teach Remotely Using a Video Conferencing Platform

The coronavirus has prompted nationwide school closures. And the daunting part? A majority of teachers have never been exposed to online learning or the need to support their students from afar.


How to Remotely Motivate & Engage Your Employees or Students

We’ve all experienced that leader – the one who has mastered the art of monotone speaking and has successfully helped everyone drift off to sleep. Whether you’re a C-level executive, professor, or coach, being dubbed “boring” can certainly bruise your ego.


How to Use a Moviecomm Drip Email Campaign to Keep Your Lessons Alive

Simply put, it’s a series of emails meant to nurture and communicate your message over a period of time. They’re intended for a specific audience – whether that’s your students, employees, or basketball team. Successful drip campaigns are meaningful and purposeful – the goal is to add value, not just make noise.

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